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Sell Your Jewelry

Selling your Estate Jewelry here will Guarantee an easy, stress free and pleasant experience. With over 10 years of Experience in The Jewelry Market, Specializing in Antique Jewels. Appointments are held in store or within the privacy of your own home. We are after all types of Jewellery. From modern, to vintage, antique and even ancient.

We Buy Gold

We also buy Gold and Scrap Gold Jewelry. We prefer Quality Jewellery, but we certainly can have a look at any broken, or scrap gold bits. Call for a Quote, or use our messaging system in our Contact Us Section.

We Buy Coins, Watches and Anything Jewelry Related

Always happy to look at old coin collections, watches, watch parts, pocket watches and more. Costume Jewelry and Jewellery Advertisements.


We can certainly try to provide an expert opinion on your antiques and collectibles. No Charge, free verbal opinion. I can tell you my estimate on its value.

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